The Belmont Guesthouse

The Property

Following our previous collaboration on The Inn at Stinson Vineyards, this property was the first real chance for our whole family to sink their teeth into designing a complete renovation of 4 apartments in a historic building. Converted into apartments somewhere around the 1930’s – 40’s, this old home hadn’t been touched since. It was a perfect opportunity for us to maintain many of the original details, add some that had been eliminated, and accomplish a true historic renovation

The Inspiration

We love the charm of the Belmont neighborhood so much that we chose elements of its past to inspire our décor in each of the apartments. We call it our “Ode to Belmont”. As we truly love old buildings, this was a historic renovation and thus most of the original details were maintained and salvaged. This home is particularly special to us, as it was our second opportunity to collaborate with our whole family, and each member had a strong part in shaping its design.


Apt 1 – “Grove”: A spa-like retreat in the heart of Belmont.

Apt 2 – “Blacksmith”: A romantic and calming apartment designed with rich colors, this space was inspired by elements of an early day blacksmith shop. 

Apt 3 – “Pharmacy”: Inspired by an original pharmacy of yesteryear, this apartment brings a fresh and inviting spot to relax.

Apt 4 – “Service Station”: Fun and different, this apartments décor and design was inspired by elements of an early day service station.